A Passionate Love Story | Wedding Elopement @ Cavo Tagoo Santorini


A Passionate Love Story / Wedding Elopement @ Cavo Tagoo Santorini

Ethereal, romantic, modern, sensual wedding elopement at Cavo Tagoo in Santorini island.
Planning Time Record: 8 hours 

How it started?....
On the 10th of June 2019 at 3pm we received a call at Poema offices.
Fabiana who was Vincenzo’s best friend called us whist at Rome’s airport, to express her interest to work with our team for a surprising wedding elopement.
When we asked which was their preferred date the answer was tomorrow!
Our pre-wedding meeting took place only 5 hours later, upon her arrival on the island, making the whole planning process of this stylish event 8 hours in total.

Krizia our bride had no idea about this event.
She arrived in the Santorini island the next morning when she received 365 beautiful red roses, which was only the start of her dream full of surprises day.
Once she received roses she had to visit Santorini’s shops and find the perfect white dress for her special event.
With a career in modeling it was easy for her to find a stylish white lingerie style dress and impress once again her beloved fiancé.

Both Italians with the well-known Italian finesse and attention to details were looking for a perfectly passionate wedding elopement at the Greek islands.

Our vision for their wedding elopement was to follow the color pallet, lines and style of the wedding venue itself since Cavo Tagoo is popular for its elegance and aesthetic style.
A combination of black and white details, neutral colors, a beautiful bridal bouquet with mixed flowers, cotton and wooden branches and a totally unique centerpiece with orchids for their romantic private dinner.

Popular songs from Eros Ramazzotti surrounded the event with romance & passion while a very impressive firework show turned couple’s first dance into an extravaganza.

An one of a kind wedding elopement in Santorini island both for its style and planning timing.

Kapetanakis Studio (wedding photography) and Alex Stabasopoulos (wedding videography) captured their passion and adoration for each other amazingly.  

Congratulazioni per il tuo amore Vincenzo and Krizia!