Poema Reviews = Poema Rewards

We are very fortunate to have formed excellent collaborations with our wedding couples & clients. And we’ve formed more than just working relationships with them, we have formed true friendships.
For a wedding & event planner the best reward is the smiles of our couples/clients and their guests, their warm words and comments before, during and after their events.
Their generous and warm words offering to the Poema Team smiles and encouraging us to continue our great work, with non-stop inspiration.
We are thankful to all and each of them separately, for honoring as well as trusting our team to be a part of their destination weddings & special events in Greece.

Here are some of the glowing comments our clients say about us..

Dear Poema Team,

You were all so wonderful – we could not have done it without you. I want to cry thinking of how many emails we have changed.

It feels like you all are part of our family.

Everything was PERFECT and it was the wedding of my dreams.

We are forever grateful for you all.

Thank you again

Lots of Love

Mike + Kayla

May 24th, 2017

@ Wet Stories Beach Pre Wedding Event

@ Wedding Ceremony @ Venetsanos

@ Wedding Recepion @ Theros

@ Traditional Boat Cruise Post Wedding Event

Our dear Filia and the entire Poema Team,

To say our wedding day was perfect would not do justice to the amazing job that Poema did.

We could not have imagined a more incredible and breathtaking day.

Every aspect of the wedding day itself was perfectly organized and wonderfully executed from the first time we met Poema we knew it was a match made in heaven, and Filia was an angel.

The organization over the past year meant that we had no worries or stresses on or wedding day.

Both we and our guests were blown away with the class and grace of our impressive wedding day.

Everything, from the food and the fireworks to the bridal car and the wedding flowers & decorations was unmatched by anything we could ever imagined.

Thank you so much for making our dreams come true.

Lots of love

Dan & Meghan


@ Venetsanos Wedding Ceremony

@ Theros Wave Bar Wedding Reception

Dear Filia and the Poema Team,

Thank you for making yesterday such an amazing occasion. From day 1 you have exceeded our expectations and turned a dream into a reality.

Thank you for putting up with our hundreds of emails and being so professional throughout the whole wedding planning process.

We were particularly impressed with your management skills during our wedding planning & wedding day.

We will always remember this day and remember your amazing work.

We will recommend you to anyone + everyone!

Lots of love

Bec + Stuart

5th July 2016

Wedding Ceremony & Dinner @ Le Ciel Wedding Venue

Dear Poema Team,

Thank you for your support, experience and the preparations we have done together!

We really love each of you, you became a part of our love story and this Big Day!!

You are a great team: professional and sweet

Being in the event business ourselves we see all kinds of events & event agencies. I can truly say from the heart that you are truly the right people for this business.

You are professional and patient, I think that last one is very important when it comes to wedding organizing.

Thank you for everything & the Poema Team & Santorini island will always have a special place in our hearts.

Joris & Anastasia

Wedding Venue @ Santorini Gem

To the team at Poema,


You have made our Wedding Day even more special and we certainly could not have done it without you!

Lots of love and hugs

From Mr. and Mr. Moon

Aimee & Luke


Dear Poema Team

Thanks for everything you have all accomplished in making our week and all of the events so special!

We couldn’t have asked for anything more special and more memorable.

The experience our guests have had is unforgettably memorable.

Your whole team are incredible.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!

Also we hashtagged everyt8ng and our guests did too, #kumafamilywedding or #efchazwedding on Facebook and Instagram.

Kuma is the Japanese word for Bear, and the name of our Japanese dog.

So we are the Kuma Family. We wanted to bring him but the best we could do is a picture displayed at our dessert table at Rocabella.

Σε ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ!

(yes Charlie wrote this!)


Effie + Charlie

Orthodox Wedding @ Anastasi Church

Wedding Reception @ Rocabella Hotel & Spa

Our Filia, George, Panos and the entire Poema Team,

A HUGE thank you for making our wedding the most memorable and amazing day of our lives from start to finish!

All of you made the wedding planning process less stressful and more enjoyable.

Major props to Filia for doing such a fantastic job in the months leading up to the wedding and the day itself.

You kept your cool and we knew we could rely on you for anything.

You kept everything running smoothly and like clockwork, so we didn’t have to worry about anything on the day and just enjoyed ourselves.

Everything from the decorations, to the venue, to the food and cake,

Surpassed our expectations and the whole team and your preferred partners did such an amazing job.

This couldn’t have happened without anyone of you and were are very grateful

Please let us know if any of you visits Singapore – we would love to host you.

We wish you all the best and once again thank you for making our dream wedding come true!

We will miss all of you!


Lots of Love,

Elfion & Jacquline

6. Sept.2016

Destination Wedding @ Thermes Luxury Villas

To Effie & the entire Poema Team,

You made all our dreams come true and we cant thank you enough!

We wouldn’t have been able to do it without you!

You’ve helped us make memories we will treasure for a lifetime!

We had the best week & day of our lives!

Your organization & efficiency was out of this world!!

I will miss our emails but we will 100% be back on the island to see you!

Thanks again for everything!

All our love

Sarah & Romain


Wedding Event @ Cavo Ventus Villa Wedding Venue

To the Poema Team,

Thank you so much for an amazing wedding it was everything we had wished for.

All our guests had an amazing time and we are so grateful to you all.

The ceremony was beautiful and the Theros Bar was out of this world.

We look forward to seeing you next year when we come back for our first anniversary.

All our love

Amy + Nick

+ Buddy


Wedding Event @ Theros Wave Bar

To the Poema Team,

Thank you so much for organizing a day we will never forget!

All of our guests were blown away by the wedding.

We couldn’t have done it without you.

Santorini has special place in our hearts.

We look forward to seeing you again soon!

All the best,

Jaclyn & Alex



To our lovely friends at Poema,

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for creating the wedding of our dreams. We could never have done it without you!

Our guests had the best time and were blown away!

Our wedding was better than we could ever have imagined.

The attention to detail was beautiful and you surprise for our entrance to dinner was so thoughtful!

We have enjoyed every minute of planning the wedding with you.

You made our whole time in Santorini so special!

We cannot thank you enough!

All our love

Rachel & Lee

(and Jolie)

Destination Wedding Event @ Kamini Villas

Dear Poema Team,

Our wedding was a dream come true.

I would like to compare it to a roller coaster ride.

The appreciation before the ride to immense and builds up.

The ride itself transports us to another world.

A world of fantasy and dream.

It all goes by so quickly, and once its over, we want to do it Again!

You will hear from us when our anniversary comes up

Thank you for your amazing organization, the planning was perfect from the first day, and the result exceeded our expectations!

I was literally showered with flowers at Cavo Ventus Villa!)

To the breath taking – the perfect team

Thank you

Nadine & James

P.S. we wait you visit in Dubai and Lebanon!

Wedding Ceremony & Reception @ Cavo Ventus Wedding

Dear Poema Team,

This time I will get to write on behalf of my husband Vasilios!!

This wedding has been the best experience ever – we have said it before but it did not feel like a wedding – but ore like a big party!!

We have you to thank you for everything.

To have a wedding and not feel stressed about it was an experience that not every couple have.

Because of your amazing organization and hard work, we had nothing to worry about – we are very grateful for this.

You can be sure that we will tell everyone about your AMAZING team and the truly spectacular experience that was our wedding.

We have felt looked after since our first emails, and just want to tell you again how much we love you all.

Thank you again – we will never forget our special day here in Santorini with you.

Lucia – Vasilios


Orthodox Wedding @ Saint Apostoloi Church –

Wedding Reception Thermes Luxury Villas

Dear Poema Team,

I honestly cant thank you enough for everything you have done to organize simply the best day of our lives.

From the very first email, I knew that you would be the perfect team to organize our wedding.

I have really never met such organized persons in my whole life!

It was really lovely to meet you all & for you to be a part of our special day.

You are all lovely, warm, funny and caring!

The day just went so amazingly & this is all thanks to you & the hard work & dedication of your team.

All of our guests have been raving about how great the wedding it everything was just we hoped for & more!

I am sad that I will no longer look forward to emails from you in my inbox though 

I will be raving to everyone about what a great wedding planning team you are – the 1st choice for weddings in Santorini and all-around Greece.

We honestly cant thank you enough!!!

Lots of Love,

Carl, Kristina & Holly

Mr. & Mrs. May!!)


Dear Poema Team,

Our wedding was a dream come true.

I would like to compare it to a roller coaster ride.

The appreciation before the ride to immense and builds up.

The ride itself transports us to another world.

A world of fantasy and dream.

It all goes by so quickly, and once its over, we want to do it Again!

You will hear from us when our anniversary comes up

Thank you for your amazing organization, the planning was perfect from the first day, and the result exceeded our expectations!

I was literally showered with flowers at Cavo Ventus Villa!)

To the breath taking – the perfect team

Thank you

Nadine & James

P.S. we wait you visit in Dubai and Lebanon!

Wedding Ceremony & Reception @ Cavo Ventus Wedding

To our beautiful and Poema Team,

We would like to THANK YOU for making our dreams+ wishes come true!

You have all been amazing since day one from the skype call to the planning and responding to our constant constant influx of emails and answering silly little questions!

The whole process has been easy having you guys as our wedding planners.

Our wedding day was the best day of our lives.

Our guests have also said to us felt it was the best wedding we have ever been to.

Without you it wouldn’t have been possible!


Lots of Love,

Emma + Niken Patel






Hindu Wedding & Reception @ Thermes Luxury Villas

Dearest Poema Team,

Anthony & I (Sophia) are very grateful for all your hard work, and dedication in ensuring we had everything we wished for on our wedding day & everything went as planned!

Without your kind pushiness the day would not have run as smoothly as it did.

Thank you!!!

You are all very genuine, kind souls, thank you for endeavors always to make Anthony and I happy.

Thank you all for moving together to make it all perfect for us on our special day.

Lots of love from the most good-looking Australia couple

Mr. Anthony & Mrs Sophia Tsianos

Couldn’t have done it without you all!

Poema you Rock!!!

23 July 2016

Love you always

Antony & Sophia


@ Anastasi Church Imerovigli

@ Rocabella Hotel & Spa Wedding Venue

June 9, 2016

To the Poema Team,

I would like to thank you for making our special day ‘extra’ special. I did not have to worry about ANYTHING at all!

Everything went smoothly thanks to your team and help.

Filia who was available almost 24/7 for me answering all my questions & achieving my concerns & even up to the last guest who went on the bus late night, Filia and Poema Team was there.

I have nothing but amazing words to share for your company.

Thank you for planning a wonderful wedding for us and for all my friends + family.

Santorini and Poema now holds a special place in our hearts!!!


Garland + Denis

Destination Wedding Event @ Venetsanos Winery

To our Greek family!

Thank you for making our wedding the perfect day, and for sharing your beautiful home.

We look forward to share with you our home in Belize!

Thank you for making our special day unforgettable – Love!

Love Mary & David

September 7 th 2016

Pura Vida

Wedding Elopement @ Alta Vista Suites Firostefani Santorini

Wedding Date

July 21 st 2016

Anastasi church & Rocabella Hotel for our wedding reception

To the most amazing Wedding Planning Team in Greece,

Our amazing wedding planners.

No words can describe the appreciation we have for the assistance with planning the best day of our lives so far.

Every aspect of yesterday’s wedding took our breath away. Your devoted attention to detail to ensure every aspect of the day was perfect. The event from beginning to end was more than what we could ever have dreamt of.

You are the reason everything was amazing, your patience, push & dedication to your job is the reason everything was possible.

you thought for the things we wanted and guided us through elements which were not possible.

Planning a wedding from the other side of the world was the most deviating experience initially, which this became the most smooth planning from the minute you were appointed as our wedding planner.

It was only this morning I was saying to Nikos that so many brides complain about how had & full on the wedding planning process is – well that is just a lie – because with the assistance from the Poema Team, it was the most enjoyable experience which was achieved for us what we only thought was possible in our dreams.

The team was so hands on & helpful throughout the entire event & we are so truly grateful for EVERYTHING!

Thank you, thank you, thank you – we could not have wished for a better experience.

Lots of love,

Mr. & Mrs. Gavriniotis

Nikos & Christie

From – Sydney, Australia

Leaving our hearts in Santorini


Orthodox Wedding @ Anastasi Church

Reception @ Rocabella Wedding Venue

Dear Poema Team,

From the moment we both knew we would spend our lives together, we wanted it to being in an extraordinary and special wedding destination.

Your efforts, thoughtfulness, caring and meticulous nature allowed for us to believe that it could happen here in one of the most gorgeous places in the plant like Santorini is.

We thank you for all the planning and willingness to see one of our very first dreams together come true.

Our wedding was the highlight of both our lives that we wanted to share with you our family and closest of friends.

Because of you we were able to bring everyone from afar and have then celebrate our day in a manner that was unexcepted, magical and that will live within and around all of us for the remainder of our lives.

Thank you for granting us the ability to share our day with everyone that we love.

And hold dear, we will always look upon our day made possible by you in a manner that can only be displayed by how we feel, in love and married for all time.

Thank you

Anya & Charles

@ Santorini Gem Wedding Ceremony

@ Theros Wedding Reception

To Filia and the Poema Team.

We cant thank you enough for all the help with our wedding.

Everything was perfect from start to finish.

You definitely made all our wedding dreams come true.

Filia you have made the planning process so easy and stress free for us which we couldn’t have asked for more when planning a wedding in another country.

All aspects of wedding from the venue to the flowers and decorations couldn’t have been more perfect and more than I could of imagined.

All of our family and friends said it was like a fairytale.

Thank you for an amazing day.

All our love

Rebecca and Peter


@ Dana Villas Wedding Venue


Dear Filia, George and the entire Poema Team,

As we made special mention in our wedding speech, our dream wedding would not have been as magical as it was without you all.

Your professionalism and passion for what you do was amazing to see first-hand, and the genuine joy in seeing us get married was infectious and spread throughout our wedding party and guests.

Your patience and assistance for over 13 months of preparations took an immense weight off our shoulders and allowed us to enjoy a seamless wedding in paradise.

Adding the fact that we actually required your service and expertise to plan activities and functions over a three-day period, we really cant thank you enough for helping and planning such a big part in making our dream wedding come true in Greece.

Thank you

Mr. Michael & Mrs. Otilia Peros

(Melbourne, Australia)

Ceremony @ Anastasi Church Imerovigli

Wedding Dinner @ Dana Villas Wedding Venue


Dear Poema Team,

From the moment we first had contact with you we knew we are in good hands.

We could never in our wildest dreams have imagined the special connection we would have with you all and how incredibly above and beyond your entire team would go for we throughout our lengthy planning process.

From the moment we arrived on Santorini you have taken much good care of us + truly outdone yourselves.

Trevor & I will never forget you out of this world surprise boat cruise + entrance on our wedding day at Theros Wave Bar.

You really blew our minds.

I could go on and on (as you know!) but there are really no words to describe the love & appreciation we will always feel for you.

Until we meet again,


Trevor & Sheena Wilson

Wedding Event @ Theros Wave Bar

To our amazing POEMA DREAM TEAM.

From the moment we contacted Poema when looking for a wedding planner in Santorini – we instantly knew we had made the right decision in choosing them as our wedding planners.

From start to finish the whole process as so easy – you made us feel so relaxed and had everything under control.

It was as if we were talking to a friend.

You listened, advised and we knew you cared as much as bout our special day as we did.

You are all so kind, sweet, genuine and honest persons.

Even though we didn’t meet until a couple of days before the wedding, it was as if we had known each other a life time with your team.

Our wedding day was the most special and amazing day of our lives.

All of our guests were blown away by the setting and detail of every little thing.

We will be forever grateful to the Poema team for giving us a memory we will treasure ‘forever’.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

FYI – The Best Wedding Planner Ever!!

All our love,

Angela, Nicki + Billie

Rocabella Hotel & Spa

P.S. you will get rid of us now



Dear Poema Team,

Thank you for an outstanding memory,

You make people feel special.

Girls are definitely deserve an Oscar award for keeping everything in secret till the end.

I will never forget this special moment.

You create a wonderful atmosphere.

Thank you as well to our photographer for Vassilis Iliades for being so patient and making his best.


Thanks to all the team for the great job!

The most important is that everything happened as planned step by step helping me to say the most important word in my life.

Keep it going!


14 July 2016

Santorini Wedding Proposal



Dear Poema,

From the very beginning you have been incredible, sorting out everything, helping us with our decision and creating the perfect wedding!

You accommodated all our requests and your enthusiasm is so infectious!

The wedding day went so smoothly and it was great to help your team always on hand to help at any point of the day.

Thanks you for everything! These really was nothing for us to worry about because you guys sorted everything out perfectly!

I was lost for words on Saturday, I was overwhelmed!

Thank you SOOOO MUCH !!!

These are just a few words but we could go on and on!

You are all just incredible.

We feel privileged to have had you as your wedding planners!!!


Abe + Jess

Hindu Wedding Ceremony & Reception @ Thermes Luxury Villas

My dearest Poema Team

We cant begin to thank you enough for the time, energy, excitement and patience you had helping us plan our wedding!

Truly, it became the phenomenal event that you all said it would be!

Rom the day we met in September of 2015 we knew you we were the group to help us plan our wedding, something we will remember and cherish for our entire lives.

I know our guests will remember it forever and were so excited.

Now that everything is done, we will always remember all of your kindness and warmth in being part of our special day.

I will miss you all and our emails!

Once again thank you so much!

Lots of love



Los Angeles


August 25, 2016

Dearest Poema family,

Thank you for making the planning process stress free & translating our emails into a stunning reality.

The day exceeded our expectations & we couldn’t be happier with your selection of service providers + attention to detail.

Thank you for being a part of our special day.

Poema have created the warmest welcoming environment and we thank each of you personally.

We are now a family and we are waiting for your visit to Lebanon.

Much Love

Christelle + Elle


Wedding Reception @ Theros Wave Bar

To my extended family, Poema…

My heart is full of love & my eyes full of tears. You have made our every last dream come true & you have truly put on the wedding of the century.

We love you all beyond words and will forever be grateful to you.

You have left me speechless.

Natalie & Firas


Dear Poema Team,

You guys have made the start of our life together an amazing beginning your passion and hardwork is very much appreciated.

You will be all missed.

Thank you for letting me use your office as a recording studio


(thanks for teaching me Greek).

Wedding Ceremony & Reception @ La Maltese Wedding Venue / Budha Bar Santorini

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