Poema Reviews = Poema Rewards

We are very fortunate to have formed excellent collaborations with our wedding couples & clients. And we’ve formed more than just working relationships with them, we have formed true friendships.
For a wedding & event planner the best reward is the smiles of our couples/clients and their guests, their warm words and comments before, during and after their events.
Their generous and warm words offering to the Poema Team smiles and encouraging us to continue our great work, with non-stop inspiration.
We are thankful to all and each of them separately, for honoring as well as trusting our team to be a part of their destination weddings & special events in Greece.

Here are some of the glowing comments our clients say about us..










Dear Poema Team… 


And that is how I started every email! But today is different, todays is a letter addressed to Poema team. Where do we start?  It has been a very beautiful magical, stressful yet beautiful short yet eventful 3 days. For us, we fell in love with Poema from Day 1, and personally we feel we have extended our family. Everything was a surprise, from Wednesday Theros Wave Bar and Rocabella and Thursday with the tornado!

A first, I was devastated as the weather was awful, and we had to cancel holding it at Cavo Ventus, but Poema BACK UP PLAN HAD ALL UNDER CONTROL, in 2 HOURS we chose a new venue, Poema and the suppliers cleaned it and decorated it so beautiful and magically and top it all, with all the wind sand and rain we entered Theros Wave Bar in the best, most amazing style – George’s personal vintage car spitfire!!!!

I could not have wished for a better end result, without you guys our new family, this would not have been possible. If I am honest, I am upset the days have come to an end, and the amount of things I am feeling and want to write is too much for a piece of paper, or the paper is not enough. NO matter what we say, we do not do you justice. THANK YOU WE LOVE YOU ALL!

It was better than we expected. 

Everyone says organizing a wedding is stressful and time consuming… we, myself and Mina came to Santorini island in February 2014 for a week. It was the first time on the island. After meeting the Poema Team we dealed instantly to make them our wedding organizers. 

They are the best in the business. Their whole team are the topo of the game. 

The communication was really outstanding. Rocabella was simply spectacular. 

Every little detail was perfect and from a first step we waned to the reception at a magical venue like Cavo Ventus, then came the Tornado and Hurricane. Locals said that they have never seen weather conditions in 32 years, as our wedding day. Lighting, thunder, tornado, rain and wind. Thanks to George and his experience we had the best night of our lives at Theros Wave Bar, thanks to Poema for converting a Sahara Desert to a magical fairytale. What can I say.. it was something very special and memorable and it would not have been the same without George and the Poema Team. 


Must love for Poema 


Dear Amalia, George & Team,


Thank you so so so much for this unforgettable experience. 

We’ve had such a lovely time. 

You made us feel very welcome. You and your team did an amazing work.

Our wedding was the best day in our lives.

We will never forget any moment from this day.


Thank you very much & all the best for you.


We are wishing you marry more happy couples like us ☺


Jana & Wido



To George, Amalia, Katia, Effie and the rest of the Poema Team,


Thank you so much for all the time and effort put in to organizing our special day. 


We all had an amazing day, and everyone thought Cavo Ventus villa was an amazing wedding venue. 


The day was everything we wanted + more and we can’t thank you all enough!


Lots of love and best wishes,

Matt + Hayley 

(Mr. & Mrs Farmer)

Dearest Amalia & The Poema Team,


We cannot express our gratitude & sincerest thankyou’s in words.

You have exceeded our expectations & made our day so special, spectacular and amazing. Your team have managed our expectation with professionalism, efficiency, and responded to our needs with patience & persistence and always calming our nerves & reassuring hat all was and is under control.

We thank you again wish you all success & prosperity which you deserve. If you ever get the chance you are always welcome in Dubai and Lebanon and we hope to provide you with the same hospitality. 

Lots of love ☺

Will & Maya 26/7/14

June 11, 2014


Dearest Poema,

I do not have words to describe how beautiful our ceremony & private dinner at Aenaon Villas was yesterday!

All the details at our wedding elopement were PERFECT!

We truly appreciated all your advice and guidance to mae our wedding better than a dream. I could not have done it without your wonderful team. 

We cant think that another wedding planner would take more time with no making sure all our expectations were exceeded!


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!



Charles & Elizabeth

To the Poema Team


Thank you very much for making our day so memorable & special.


We (and our family & friend) had the most amazing day.


This day wouldn’t have been possible without your help, dedication and hard work. 


You truly made it the best day of our lives!


You are all amazing people and we hope to stay in touch. 


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


With lots of Love, 

Kelly & Nathan 10.9.14


Dear Amalia, George and all Poema Team,


You have made our dream day come true!

You have made it a reality met only by your excellent work, by your love, your smiles, your devotion and excellent communication and support. 

Our wedding wouldn’t have been as good and fun without you. One of the best decisions we have made that we decided to come to Santorini for our wedding and to have you as our wedding planners!


We love you and we are thankful for everything you have done.


Please stay in touch, hugs and kisses!


Berthe & Joe

Santorini wedding day 27th August 2013


Dear Poema

There are not enough words to express our feelings about the beautiful job you did!

Just a huge ‘thank you’



With love,

Chiara & Manlio

Dear Poema Team!


You have all helped to create the most amazing and magical day!

It was the most special day in our lives. 

None of this would have been possible without our emails!


We just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for all the special attention to detail and making our day so wonderful. 


With you all being there took away all at my worries, and you made sure that it was so perfect. It was lovely that you were there to the very end, making sure we all got on the bus. 


It was truly magical and It went above our expectations. 

We cant thank you all enough for all your had work. 

Well done!


You will be in our hearts forever.


Lots of love


Frankie and Adrian ☺

8th September 2014




Dear Poema Team,


Thank you so much for our magical wedding!!!

We couldn’t have imaged a more perfect setting for our destination wedding in Santorini.

We were so worried about the wind and cold temperature, but you were so calm and confident about everything.

I cant believe how everyh8ithng was perfectly done, the wedding decorations for the ceremony area, the cocktails and the reception area – exceeded our expectations!!!


All our family and friends were blown away by how amazing the venue (Rocabella) was but most importantly how amazing, genuine and friendly you all were. 

It felt like you were our Greek family!!!


I really don’t know how to express how amazing our wedding turned out but I am sure you always knew that it was going to be magical!!!

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect to attend such a beautiful wedding… I cant believe that it was mine!!!


Now that we have you as our family in Santorini – Please know that you also have family in Melbourne, Australia to visit!


Lots of Love,

Sam + Jas

And all of our friends and family!


August 29, 2013


Dearest Poema Team,


You are simply amazing!!!!

Thank you so much for making our special day magical!

We appreciate your patience, thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and flexibility. 

We have very high standards and you have performed beyond our expectations. We are extremely pleased with all the wedding venues and wedding vendors you have suggested for us.

\you have made our vision and dream come to reality. 

We could not have asked for anything more. For a very long time I had a dream to have a special wedding, and you have made my/our dream into reality. Apart from being professionals you are all amazing people with kind and warm hearts, and we appreciate this very much. 

You have covered a place in our heart.

And will always remain special to us during our lifetime. 

Thank you again for everything. 

We give you ***** 


All the best

Simee & Daniels

Dear Poema Team,


Words cannot express our gratitude towards you all for helping us to have the wedding of our dreams. 

There is no way this day could have been possible without the dedication, care, thoughtfulness + countless emails that we shared. We know there are so many people involved, some who we have seen it, some who we did not, but all contributed to our memorable destination wedding in Greece. 

Our family in Santorini has grown we look forward to staying in touch + celebrating the future with you all. 


Queena & John + Mykos


Dear Poema Team


We cant thank you enough for how perfect our wedding day was, it ha given us the bet memories and we will never forget any of it.

We had such high expectations of our day and ever we were shocked at how much you exceeded them. 

All of our friends and family cant stop singing your praises at how amazing the day was and my 3 sisters are definitely worried at how they will top this wedding haha.


Thank you really doesn’t seem a big enough word to express how grateful we are !

THANK YOU SO SO MUCH you made ou dreams come true!


Lots of love, hugs, kisses from Michael + Tanya.

Dear Poema Team,


Words can not express how grateful we are for everything you have done for us!

You are amazing people and fantastic at what you do. 

You have made our wedding a day that we will absolutely never forget. Every detail was perfect!

Thank you for making our dreams a reality in Greece!



Coleen & Brendan

Dearest Poema Team,


We are so happy we chose you as our wedding planners. You have been extremely professional, friendly and helpful over the last four months, you’ve made it a stress free and wonderful experience. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without your expertise and guidance. 

We wish you all the best and cant wait to visit you again on this beautiful Greek island. 


Lots of love, 

Adam & Grace

Sep 5, 2014


P.S. you all have wonderful good hearts, bless you all. 

Dear Amalia, George & Poema Team !


Thank you so much for a wedding to remember in the fantastic island of Santorini. 120 persons from Russia and Lebanon are still overwhelming us with lots of compliments for the last 3 beautiful days you did plan for us. Everything was prepared and executed right fully in a very professional moment. Without you guys we couldn’t have a bespoke magical wedding!!!


We felt we were dealing with friends and for all the way!


We wish you the best to come for the future and congratulate you ahead Amalia & George for your wedding and happy life!!!

Katia you were amazing throughout the 3 months preparations. 


Remaining as your friends from Lebanon and Russia and waiting for you to visit Beirut!!!


Love and kisses!!!


Maria and Nael

Santorini, August 14, 2013


Dearest Amalia, George & Poema Team


We don’t have enough words to express our thank you for your help, devotion, support, optimism, and especially your love you gave us on this special day!


Thanks to Poema Team, we have all together survived this unforgettable day without electricity and water in Santorini, a Greek tragedy which turned into a love story thanks to you!

You all have made this day memorable and have realized our dream wedding!

Even with the black out on all the island, you have illuminated our wedding with your enthusiasm, presence, and love!


Thank you Poema Team!



And congratulations Amalia & George for your wedding!


Love you very much!

Karine & Karim


P.S. we’re waiting for you in Beirut!

Dear Amalia, George and the Poema Team,


After planning our wedding for over a year we finally arrived in beautiful Santorini and our wedding day was even more perfect than we could have every imagined !!


Everything went without a hitch and all of our guests commented on what a beautiful wedding it was and how amazing the Poema Team were (which we already knew of course !! ) 

Everything from the wedding flowers to our wedding menu was perfect and all the wedding vendors suggested by you were amazing. 


We were so worried when we realized that we (John!!:)) had forgotten our legal documents but you put us at ease and came up with a solution right away. 


Thank you so much for creating our most perfect wedding day we couldn’t have picked a better wedding planner and a team to work with and help us create it. 

I will miss our emails back and forth and the excitement leading up to the day and meting you all!!


Again, we cannot thank you enough – thank you for making everything so easy!!!


All of our love

Mr + Mrs Kneale!!!


Dear Amalia, George and Poema’s wedding vendors


Thank you so much for putting up with us and helping us to organize such a cool wedding in less than 3 months (!!!). you were fantastic and kept calm, when we were losing our mind over our lost venue that we booked ourselves (one week before the wedding!!!). 


The day went like clockwork everyone was amazed at the venue you recommended, decorations, lemon theme, cake and the traditional tavern for the reception.


Just keep doing what you do and you will not go wrong.


Lots of love

Beata + Mario

To Amalia George, & Poema Team,


We could never have imagined a more beautiful wedding than the one you put together for us. 

Form the start of the planning you were always there to guide us in making all the right decisions. 

Your attention was amazing in every detail from beginning to end. 

Thank you so much for your constant love and support throughout the year and for making our wedding an experience that we will never forget. 

You will always have friends in New York.



Daniel & Eva

Our dearest Poema Team,


How do we begin to express our gratitude for such an amazing & perfect day!

You have indeed exceeded our expectations and we wouldn’t change a single thing, except for the fact that I didn’t taste our wedding cake ☺ but I hear that it was extremely delicious. You have been with us from the first day we started to dream about our wedding in Greece and you have bared with us every step of the way. 

We want to thank all the wonderful wedding vendors you did recommend to us, from the caterers to the wedding photographers, please do extend our gratitude. 


Again thank you so so so much for the PERFECT wedding, we couldn’t have possibly imagined such a wedding day. 


With all our gratitude and love,

Salpie & Tarek 1/9/14

8 – Sept – 2013


Dear Amalia, George & Poema Team


We are still trying to realize what happened in these last 3 days, and these magical moment were in huge part thanks to your professionalism, organization and high-end service.

But most importantly, we would like to thank you for your services, your good humor, for supporting us during the great and the tough days all these last few months. 

You have truly made the difference and get the bar really high for all the wedding planners around the world. 


As we consider you as our friends, it is our sincere wish to see you in Beirut soon and hope to take care of you the way you have shown us how you take care of people. 

Lots of love and a million times!!!

You are a fantastic team!!!


Thank you!

Yara & Patrick

To the wonderful Poema Team,


There are not enough words that can explain how grateful both Domingo and I are of the fantastic, beautiful and amazing work you did for us, on our special day. 

Thank you for everything, for your welcoming touch and joyful quality.

You all have touched our lives from the moment we met, we will always be thinking of you for the rest of our lives. 


From the bottom of our hearts with lots of love,

Raquel & Domingo


Sydney Australia

Dear Amalia, George and the Poema Team,


Thank you so very much from the bottom of our hearts for an unforgettable wedding day, wedding planning experience and visit to Santorini island. 


As the owner of a wedding planning company in Florida (Gillon Events), I was nervous about finding a planner whom I could trust, communicate with and let handle of the details in order for Chris and I to relax and enjoy.

From the first email and skype call, I felt immediately at ease and comfortable. 

Not to mention very impressed by Amalia’s obvious passion for her job and crazy organization (you had me the second you showed me all of your spreadsheets ☺).


Our planning together was flawless, Poema.

In such a short amount of time you helped Chris and I plan our wedding that was beyond our wildest dreams and in addition to becoming man and wife, we have also gained you all as wonderful new friends. 

You will always hold a most special place in our hearts and we will enjoy keeping in touch with you for many years to come. 


Also, do I ever mention the gown, which caused us all so much stress? You performed a miracle!!! This bride did not have to get married thanks to your hard work and persistence. I hope you never have another bride who forget her dress again!!!


Thank you thank you thank you again.

What a perfect, spectacular, amazing, unforgettable day. I will always have a big smile on my face when I think of the day and Poema. 


Much love always,

Chris Abbott and Christina Gillon Abbott.


Σαντορίνη, 10.6.14


Δεν ονειρευτήκαμε ποτέ πιο όμορφο γάμο από αυτόν που ζήσαμε!!! 


Γιώργο, Αμαλία και Poema Team,


Σας ευχαριστούμε από τα βάθη της καρδιάς μας για αυτό που μας χαρίσατε. 

Ευχαριστούμε για την υπέροχη συνεργασία, τις όμορφες ιδέες, τη συνεχή υποστήριξη, και φυσικά για τα πλατιά χαμόγελα που μας χαρίσατε τη μέρα του γάμου και μας δίνατε δύναμη  ☺

Τα σχόλια ήταν από όλους υπέροχα και κολακευτικά!


Ευχόμαστε καλή συνέχεια στις δουλειές σας και ελπίζουμε να σας δούμε σύντομα και στο Λονδίνο.

Ήταν τιμή για μας που δουλέψαμε μαζί σας!!!

Θα χαρούμε πολύ να προσφέρουμε σε εσάς οποιαδήποτε βοήθεια χρειαστείτε!


Με πολλή πολλή αγάπη

Κωνσταντίνος – Μαρία  - Αριάδνη

Monday, 23rd June 2014


*To our friends at Poema,*


Thank you all so much for making our wedding a perfect day!

A day will never be forgotten!!

From those first emails, all those months ago, we could not have imagined that with all your help our special day could have turned out so well. 

All our family and friends have commented that it was the best wedding they have been too and without you all this would not be possible.

Thank you for your amazing attention to detail, care, smiling faces ☺ and patience!!!


We will miss you all!!


All our love and best wishes,

Sarah & Jeff


Dear Amalia, George and the rest of the Poema Team,


Paul and I had an amazing experience, thanks to your excellent planning and organization of the most important day of our life. Our wedding day went without a hitch and everything went perfect. 

All the wedding vendors you recommended for our big day were amazing. After almost two years and hundreds of email, the planning of Poema team made our special day unforgettable and unique, and more than we could have ever wished for. 


Thank you so much for the hard work and dedication.


With love,

Anna & Paul 


Dear Poema Team,


We are so appreciative of the beautiful wedding you have created for us.

It has been everything and more that we could have imagined. Thank you so much for making the whole process an easy one and for your kind wishes. We will be sure to recommend your services to anyone we meet who would like a PERFECT WEDDING!


Rhys & Courtney

Bendigo, VIC


Dearest Poema Team,


I cannot thank you enough for the perfect fairytale wedding you organized for us. 

It was beyond our expectations!

We hope to see you again maybe for our future baby’s christening! ☺

We feel in love with Santorini & made great friends with all of you.


See you in the near future,

Much love & Best Wishes,

Kostas & Alina

11th July 2013


P.S. come and visit us in beautiful Melbourne, Australia!

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